polished concrete



Concrete. The latest trend.

Architects, consultants, retailers and property owners worldwide are rapidly picking up the latest trend in floor surfacing; polished concrete. Endless design possibilities are available to achieve a distinctive and unique concrete floor. Embedded objects and materials such as pebbles, glass and natural stone, with the variety of colours and shades available, can truly give your floor a style of its own. With our knowledge and techniques, along with using the worlds leading equipment suppliers in diamond tools and concrete treatment products, we can transform any old or new concrete floor into a highly resistant, smooth and appealing look. Concrete is becoming one of the most sought after hard surfaces. Why? Because of its uniqueness, ease of maintenance, durability and affordability.



To protect your floor, we use three different types of sealers; water based sealer, oil based and penetration based. We can achieve a range of finishes to suit your desires and achieve a matte or a glossy mirror finish.

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